The Skulx Interview


The Skulx is. you Ain’t! Man you gotta love that tag line. It was such a great experience to sit down and shoot the pooper with the ever so candid Skulx. Click the link and listen in on the hilarious shenanigans that went on during  The Skulx Interview. To connect with the guys you can find them on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Bandcamp & their Official Website .  Here’s an extra special treat from me to you, one of my favorite songs from the guys happy listening :


Blaq Dynasty



I thoroughly enjoyed watching this band perform a couple weeks ago. Though still fairly new with performing together they have lots of potential and are beyond talented. This moment captured their essence and solidified their union. I’m looking forward to seeing their stars rise even more in the future. Here’s to Blaq Dynasty may their talent and love for music reach the masses.

Mid Week Playlist

Once again I’ve compiled one of the best music playlist for your mid week pleasure!! This particular playlist has a little something for everyone (hip-hop, pop, alternative-rock, r&b)etc. Press Play and vibe with me

Melodic Monday’s


In my search to find a song suitable for the well-liked Melodic Monday’s I stumbled upon a very unique and enthralling individual that goes by the name Bishop. Her first single Wild Horses introduced her to the indie music world with it’s hip-hop,rock and soul vibe and while River is still fairly new (two months since release) it too is picking up quite a buzz.

River showcases another side of Bishop whereas in Wild Horses we didn’t really get a feel of just how melodious and powerful her voice is, we definitely can hear more of her range and depth with this track. River starts with a simple clap- stomp beat and instantly gets heads nodding, well at least in my case it did. The chorus is so infectious after the first time around it’s basically stuck in your head.

Where is Bishop going from here? What can top River? The answers to those questions are still up in the air. One thing’s for certain is that the insurmountable talent Bishop exudes has yet to scratch the surface and I for one am looking forward to hear what’s next.

Tuesday Tunes


Good Evening all my fellow music lovers!! I hope your Tuesday was everything you wanted it to be and more. Tonight I was listening to music on YouTube and came across Kelela. She’s yet another from my hometown of Washington,DC and I’m so proud of the talent coming from my city. One song of hers in particular that caught my attention is Send Me Out which is off her debut mixtape Cut 4 Me. As you all may have gathered by some of my other music suggestions I’m a fan of blues/soul cuts and this song is another one of my new favorites. Press Play and vibe with me to Kelela’s Send Me Out!!

Peace & Love

Joyce Wrice


Joyce Wrice is bringing (90’s R&B flair) back to music and it’s quite refreshing. With influences like Brandy, Monica, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Christina Aguilera, and Usher, Joyce is the personification of classic R&B. Once again another suggestion led to a write up and I’m delighted to have heard such a beautiful voice. I’ve compiled a playlist of some of her work and it’s a must listen. Press Play and vibe with the smooth tunes of Joyce Wrice.


Paolo Nutini


Paolo Nutini’s latest album is a classic from beginning to end, every song captures your soul. The merger of  funk,soul and pop has been making a comeback as of late and Paolo is doing it pretty effortlessly. Words alone won’t do this album justice. I’m glad someone suggested I listen because after listening to the album in it’s entirety I knew I had to share with all of you. Press Play and vibe with me to the soul-funk sounds of Paolo Nutini.

Demi Day (Mic Check)

wtlh_mic_check_cover01-2As a lover of old school hip-hop this next artist takes me back to the good ole days. Demi Day is the voice that hip hop needs. With Mic Check we get an even closer glimpse into the mind of Demi. Bar after Bar and rhyme after rhyme she spits truth, wisdom and knowledge and you know how the old saying goes, the truth shall set you free. Could this cause other rappers to step up their game and drop more knowledge, more truth?  The jury is still out on that one, but for now vibe with me to Mic Check and let Demi Day shake up your equilibrium a tad more.

Melodic Monday’s


So I know it’s a bit late, but I had to choose just the right songs for today. Seeing as though I couldn’t pick one I made…drum roll please….. a PLAYLIST!!! I have to admit I enjoy making playlist for you all. Sometimes it’s more than just one song that expresses a feeling or get’s you moving and so it’s good to have choices. This playlist doesn’t have a theme just some sweet melodies I thought you might like to hear this week, or at least till Wednesday. I’ll keep it short and sweet tonight, who knows what tomorrow may bring. With that being said, let the vibing commence. Peace & Love

Enygma (Eargasm EP)


Not long ago I did a feature on the very talented Enygma and now I have the pleasure in presenting her highly anticipated EP Eargasm. From start to finish it’s a music lovers dream. Press play and vibe with me to the groovy vibrations Miss Enygma promised and delivered!!! Peace & Love